A2Hosting VPS Review 2017

A2 Hosting VPS is one of the top providers of managed virtual private server options on the web. Offering a number of choices for small, medium, and larger sized businesses, A2 Hosting gives you exactly what you need to quickly scale your business. This company offers tons of great content, server space, and dynamic website affordability that is good for resource usage, privacy, security, and dedicated server space. The company hosts thousands of different companies and online businesses, with a reputation for excellence.

A2 Hosting VPS Review

A2 VPS hosting offers a number of different plans, software, and access to plenty of server features and settings. Controlling reboots, shutdown, and other options is made easy with this company. In addition, the VPS segments are all run in private environments that are uninterruptible, including powerful security options for prevention of hacks and other issues that might crop up. Your VPS can be set up in very little time at all.

A2Hosting VPS Plans and Pricing

A2Hosting includes 3 major plans, with the $5 unmanaged VPS plan being their starter. Their second plan is managed VPS, which starts at $33 monthly, while their core plan also starts at $33 monthly and includes managed VPS access for experienced developers and newbies alike. Offering root access, free control panel options, and number of CPU cores, ram, and terabytes of data, the plan also includes a coupon code for discounts.


A2Hosting has a number of features including twenty times faster servers, a full 100% uptime guarantee, and developer friendly support. Offering turbo server options, extremely reliable servers, and up to date software to keep with current trends, the company provides everything you need to get started hosting your content on a larger network.


The company provides high amounts of scalability, letting you quickly upgrade to the next option once you’ve outgrown your current server. In addition, their crew is always on demand, ready to answer questions if you have a need. Page views are okay for standard hosting, but when you need more power and space, VPS hosting is really the only way to go. Thankfully, the company lets you quickly scale up just as you need to retain new and old customers at the same time.

Choosing A2Hosting VPS

If you are in need of better storage space, speed, and bandwidth for your content, a VPS is really the way to go. Additionally, since A2 Hosting is backed by a server guarantee for uptime as well as capabilities of premium virtualization, A2Hosting is one of the best options out there. The company dives their servers into smaller virtual ones, letting you get dedicated hard drive space, RAM, and private storage. This gives you the option of hosting your content in an isolated environment, where clients won’t need to share your server space or disrupt your flow of data. This means that VPS management using A2Hosting is typically much more responsive and quick than other servers, which may lag or have problems with scaling up.

User Feedback

Most customers from A2Hosting say they’ve had great experiences with the VPS choices through this company. Offering a dedicated server environment, A2Hosting regularly receives feedback from their users, who report back as to how their data management and overall traffic flow is going. One customer said he was able to scale his business up twice as fast once his customer flow began to exceed the overall amount of space he had. He was experiencing serious lag times and problems keeping his server in order. Thankfully, he switched to A2Hosting on a friend’s recommendation and found it a lot easier to get new customers while still keeping the old ones.

Another customer said that he was trying to establish an online course site, and couldn’t do so with his current shared hosting plan. He needed more space, speed, and a dedicated environment for his content. After switching to A2Hosting, was able to quickly scale up and receive the views and customers he needed.


A2Hosting provides plenty of powerful, scalable managed hosting VPS server options, providing you exactly what you need to grow your company. Unlike other servers, which may be restricted by data flow because of their infrastructure, this company sticks with state of the art technology to ensure that customers are never kept waiting and traffic always flows smoothly. When signing up with A2Hosting VPS, be sure to look for coupons and discounts to save over the long run.