HostWinds VPS Review 2017

Hostwinds VPS is quickly proving itself as one of the most reputable VPS services available. Offering a number of excellent features, support, user friendliness, and reliability, the Hostwinds platform is rated highly by users as being accessible and affordable. The company offers premium virtual private server solutions that are fast, secure, highly reliable, and user-friendly, as well as providing premium KVM virtualization for premium allocation of resources. This leads to better speed and stability for any servers you may have hosted.

Hostwinds VPS Review

The company offers a number of tiered VPS offerings, including tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 programs. The overall program has DDOS protection, 100% network uptime, realtime routes, multiple carrier support, and a one hundred Gbps network over global infrastructure. For this reason, Hostwinds is rated as one of the best VPS offerings out there.

Pricing and Plans

Hostwinds offers a VPS platform over tiered structure, with tier 1 costing $13 per month, tier 2 costing $22 per month, tier 3 costing $40 per month, tier 4 costing $40 per month, and so on. Each ranking increases your price by roughly $5-10 and gives you an addition few gigabytes of ram, 10-20 GB of disk space, and increased Mbps transfer speed, as well as more CPU cores for a faster experience.


The Hostwinds VPS platform offers premium app security, full management, image choices, and resource isolation. Offering full round the clock support, their platform is instantly scalable, offering direct upgrades from your client area as well as instant upgrade as well. You will receive instantaneous new VPS setup, as well as the ability to reboot quickly. With full round the clock monitoring, you never have to worry about servers going down due to weather issues or problems in the server itself. Their hardware is one hour replaceable and has auto DDOS attack prevention and detection installed.

Nightly Backup Support

All data on Hostwinds VPS servers is backed up every night, with ten days worth of backups kept on file. You have the ability to quickly restore any of your individual data or files at one time.

Multiple OS Support

You can choose from a number of operating systems for Hostwinds VPS, including CentOS, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu.

Fully Managed Servers

One of the great features of Hostwinds is that they offer full server management for all VPS plans and platforms. Users can quickly get in touch with a support specialist who provides a quick, trained response to solve your problem. With five minute response time for tickets, a 30 second wait time for chat, 30 second phone wait time, and a round the clock level of support availability, you will never have to worry about lacking for customer service.

Enterprise Hardware

Each of Hostwinds’ VPS servers is supplied using redundant power, multiple uplinks over gigabit connection, BBU enabled RAID10 hardware, and intel CPUs over the E5-1670 series processor. This leaves you with extremely capable, powerful hardware that gives premium service, speed, and reliability for its users.

Review and Feedback

Users of Hostwinds VPS platform find that the service itself extremely reliable and speedy. One user said she was able to boost her website support and reliability by over 75%, while another user said that any tech problems he had were able to be solved in minutes rather than waiting for hours to get a result. He is now able to offer better customer results and scalability for his business, giving his online course a boost in signups and retention.

Another user found that the Hostwinds VPS platform was much more stable than others, giving her the truth 100% uptime she’d been promised. She also found their packages and pricing to be more affordable than other hosts, who would often charge more than she could afford at one time. She found it easier to scale her online business using Hostwinds thanks to the premium upgrades offered through their VPS.

Hostwinds VPS Review Conclusion

As part of the powerful Hostwinds VPS package, you will receive fully managed servers, isolated resources, improved apps and security, and better stability and speed than other VPS offerings. This platform is stable, reliable, and scalable over a number of platforms including CentOS and more. In addition, the company provides plenty of customer service in case you have questions or need help at any time. They will get back to you quickly — and be able to answer any questions you might have.