InterServer VPS Review 2017

InterServer VPS is one of the premium providers of virtual private hosting available. Offering Linux cloud plans that start at just $6 per month, InterServer provides reliable service, over 200GB of SSD storage, and monthly data transfers for Windows and Linux VPS cloud plans. InterServer consistently ranks highly in reviews, offering a reliable platform that can operate at better speed and uptime than many other VPS offerings. This is due to the company’s special BGPv4 protocol, letting them route traffic in a faster way.

InterServer VPS Review

InterServer is a platform that offers hundreds of apps on cloud VPS platforms, a simple control panel that can be set up in minutes, and free migration. In addition, InterServer gives you the ability to add multiple language servers, 100% uptime guarantee, high performance storage, good customer support, and plenty of VPS upgrades and locations. With instant provisioning and flexible choices for software you wish to install on your platform, InterServer VPS consistently ranks well in terms of speed, reliability, and storage.

InterServer Features

InterServer offers high performance storage that is twenty times faster than disk drives offered by most companies. This lets you have anywhere between 30GB to 250GB of solid state drive storage. In addition, their service provides infrastructure, network, and hardware uptime of more than 99.9%. They barely ever lag or go down, and when they do, they’re right back up — or your money back. In addition, they provide backups daily, a simple set up control panel, and instant provisioning to let you activate in just seconds.

Pricing and Plans

InterServer VPS offers two major plans for their service: the Linux VPS plan for $6 per month and the cloud VPS Windows plan for $10 monthly. You can also find coupons to reduce the overall cost of your service each month. Generally speaking, this price is quite low, as you’re getting very high storage, good service, and great uptime for a low cost.

Customizable Platform

One of InterServer’s major selling points is that their VPS can be quickly customized. You can add Fantastico, an additional IP, direct admin, Ksplice, cpanel, and more — and that’s just software. You also can add as much hardware as you’d like in terms of storage, cpu cores, memory, and transfer capacity. It’s easy to quickly boost your power in just a few mouse clicks as your business or hosting area starts to scale up, letting you have all the customizability you need.

Price Lock Guarantee

One great thing about InterServer is that the company keeps its hosting agreement true and transparent. There is no smoke and mirror type of dealing; it’s all clear, and the company sticks to what they say in terms of their pricing policy. Their price lock ensures that you never have to pay more than what you pay when you sign up. The price you start with is the price you will pay for as long as you stay with the company, so you never have to be concerned about them upping the price without your knowledge.

Customer Feedback

User reviews of InterServer are generally quite positive. One user was a blogger who needed to start offering his own video series, with online courses. He wasn’t sure where to host his videos where he wouldn’t have to have downtime or lag. Fortunately, he found InterServer, which gave him a better experience for his viewers than what he had used with other companies. He also found their customer service much better than other sources — and liked that he didn’t have to pay as much.

Another customer needed cron jobs for her site to ensure smooth running, but her former company for web hosting didn’t help. InterServer didn’t require that she got a contract like other companies did, giving her flexibility and speedy servers in very little time at all. She also got a response in less than 15 minutes when she had a question.


InterServer VPS is one of the top ranked VPS sources available. Offering service that is affordable, easy to set up, and reviewed highly by users everywhere, InterServer offers a great discount on new signups and their price lock guarantee ensures you will never have to pay more than you start out with. As a VPS hosting service, InterServer is one of the best choices out there, as seen from our InterServer VPS review. Rated 5/5 stars for pricing, speed, and hardware offerings.